Distraction at Herrington Head

Entrance to King's Lair

Stomping through the underbrush, the trail lit only by the green flame emitted by Zaci’s blade the Adventures followed the trail up into the lowlands of The Shard Hills where they found the goblins footprints descended into a opening in a chalk cliff face.
“Age before beauty” said Zaci gesturing to the aperture with his head
Thron descended the stairwell into a small entry chamber. The construction of the goblin warren was quite striking in its well crafted halls. Next to the stairs laid a large throne chair, with poles run through to either end. This chair was covered in the same goblin goo as they had found outside the farm. In front of them flanking a hallway stood two well crafted statues on plinths. They where identical and face towards each other. The statues where of a huge fat goblin, crown on his head, sceptre in one hand, and a huge leg of “mutton” in the other raised towards his mouth. Thron eyed the craftsmanship, and noticed that the arm of the statue to the north was built to swivel up and down. Thron Moved the arm into the downward position, and a nearly inaudible “thunk” came from further down the hall.
Zaci gave Thron a hard stare “well either I have armed a trap , or disarmed it” Shrugged Thron
pressing further down the hall the pair discovered a door , with a peephole at the other end. They approached it silently, listening closely they thought they could here creatures moving in the room beyond. Zaci attempted to crack the door open for a peek, but Thron backing down the corridor bumped the dragonborn and he spilled into the room door ajar.
A crossbow bolt immediately greeted the dragonborn fired by a goblin trying to take cover behind a overturned crate. Thron pushed past and charged the goblin, landing a mighty blow. Only to be struck from behind by another goblin who was waiting in the corner. Zaci moved forward to assist, narrowly dodging an attack from a third goblin leaping from the shadows of the room. The crossbow wielding goblin was soon cut down, but Thron, and Zaci in particular where being assaulted in return by the other two goblins. Suddenly a crossbow bolt stuck Zaci from the direction of the hallway they had come down. Zaci crumpled to floor the bolt protruding from his back. Dodging the attacks of his foes Thron powered the last of the healing potions down the reptilian maw of Zaci. The medicinal potion gave Zaci a resurgence of strength, and together they cut down the crazy Axe wielding goblin.
The last goblin realising he as in a bad position fled to the door to the North west, and slammed it shut. Likewise the unseen assailant from the east hallway closed and locked that doorway.
“ Looks like they want to contain us here “ gasp Zaci as he slumped to the floor trying to regain his breath. Thron only nodded grimly eyeing the passage the unexplored passage to the south.



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