Distraction at Herrington Head

Latter that evening at Moraine's Tears

Part 1

(The Following is a transcript of events enrolling Dorin into the plotline)

Late in the afternoon, a young (human, 25) man with reasonably cropped brown hair, and clothes befitting a merchant class citizen walks into Moraines Tears. It seams as if some sort of event has just happened. The few who are in the inn are buzzing in conversation. There is no sign of the innkeeper for the moment, so the young man takes a seat near the end of the bar and waits.
your ears strain to catch the details of the excitement (streetwise or perception check)
streetwise check to see what’s going on would be roll 11+8 mod = 19. I know what’s going down baby! It takes an hour. Do I see the innkeeper? If yes, then I say the following.” Pardon me sir. I couldn’t help but notice that your family is in peril. I have been protecting caravans from town to town and happen to be free of retainer. I have particular skills that may be of assistance. For a small fee, I would be happy to aid you with your dilemma.
Hilbert is not in view at this time, manning the bar is a disgruntled and seeming uninvolved youth ( late teens early twenties) calling himself Fadren. yes you know that the baby has been taken, and that two “adventures” had set forth just before night fell to check on the farm. Once there they found a ransom note that they have forwarded to Hilbert. The two adventures ( a unknown dwarf , and a dragonborne named Zaci.) had returned to the farm to look for a trail to follow. Hilberts wife a Goliath is in grave condition in the back being tended to by her husband. Although Hilbert was once a cleric you gather from the towns people that he has since loss his faith in his attentive god.
Dorin, being a follower of the Raven Queen cares little for the wounded woman, but sees an opportunity for work. His ethos presents him with an impetus to get involved when someone gets too big for their britches. Dorin says firmly, “Fadren. Tell me where the farm is, Hilbert wants me to help.” Bluff check vs. Fadren d20- 17 + 10 mod = 27.

Dorin would then change from cloth clothing into his leather armor, get his weapons and head out quickly but cautiously. He knows that the dwarf and Zaci won’t know he’s there to help, and would have the intent of arriving in stealth mode.
You don your “work” outfit and step out into the night. You travel at a quick trot and arrive at the Banyard farm. The barn that once stood just off of the farm house to the north has been reduced to a large pile of charcoal. To the south of it by the cart path you find the smoldering remnants of a second smaller fire. Amongst the embers are the charred bones of several animals. Ahead of you down the cart path lays the farmhouse, its front door still smashed to splitters. Standing to either side of the door are two very official looking guards in chain mail and metal helms, both of which are wielding spears and torches. They have the impassive stare of guards at ease. From inside you can just make the muffled murmur of a conversation. You are currently undetected by the guards. What would you like to do?



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