Distraction at Herrington Head

Latter that evening at Moraine's Tears Part 2

Dorin remains concealed but approaches as safely as possible to hear what might be said inside. Perhaps to the side of the building by a window.
Ok I need a Stealth check followed by a perception check :)
Okay…. Perc. roll 8 – 1mod = 7. Stealth roll 13 + 10mod = 23. (It doesn’t appear that I can hear very well. I’d like to remain concealed and move to get a better view inside the doorway to see if I can sneak past the guards and remain hidden inside.)
Ok while you are unable to hear what is being said in the home, nor how many people are in there you are quite comfortably behind a hedge just off of the door now, the guards continue their placed stare
( suggestions : a bluff check to create some kind of vocal diversion, a nature check the create a physical diversion { just shaking the bush boss] (Acrobatics check+stealth check to maneuver into the home like a ninja, the guards unaware. please feel free to write up a interesting scenario for your action before you roll :)
-ooc. This is fun shit Acog! Thanks for sharing.

Unable to hear or or get a view of what is happening inside the house, Dorin decides to make a bold move. He retreats quietly to the rear of the house and changes into his set of cloth clothing and shapeshifting into the form of a comely blonde female. He adjusts the clothing to accentuate the features of the female form; hides all of his weapons and gear, then quietly maneuvers out and away from the house toward a tree in the front. Making sure that he is just in sight of the guards, he yelps a squeal (female voice) then yells, “Help me” and disappears into the woods. (Roll bluff check 11 + 10mod = 21) Dorin then quickly doubles back toward the front of the house seeking a concealment to enter the house in stealth. (Roll stealth check 7+10mod = 17.) Dorin then finds concealment inside the house, waits and listens.
Your plan works flawlessly, and the guards from the front pull of station to your aid…or maybe determent judging by the smirks on their face. Darting into the woods you carefully allow a strand or two of you clothing to rip off on some bushes and a tree, and then double back as the guards forge into the woods. As you double back you notice that the NE wall of the farm house has been smashed out, two more guards are clambering over the rubble to join the others , inside you can just make out two men in a discussion, so intense that they hardly noticed the guards change of station. you shift in along the remains of the wall to get a better look, and to possibly hear whats going on. (perception roll)

Perc. check 20(!!) -1mod = 19.
Dorin listens intently and peers over the broken wall taking in as much as he can while concealed.
lol critical perception, you hear the secret conversations of ants in the grass, the crow of a um…..crow a mile away, just kidding *serious gm face activated

The two men can be seen in a room beyond the smashed nursery through a open door. They can be easily recognized for what they are a Nobleman, probably the local lord reagent, and a captain of the guard type. They seem to be in a very heated conversation.

“But, sire they broke the pact first, we require no diplomacy, this farm is under the protection of the pact, and the four have violated it.” pleads the Guard captain

“Well its on the edge, but even if it wasn’t I am not prepared to risk warfare with the four, over a fat baby. the pact must hold, we do not have enough troops to defend the keep much less the town!!” the Nobleman retorts, almost wining as he continues ” Now about these ””Adventures”” who are they, and can we stop them.”

“I know that the Dragonborn who has been hanging around the village as of late is out there with a Dwarf, and that is all; as for stopping them, we cannot, they left here at least prior to midnight maybe even earlier, and in a unknown direction. ”
*Dorin stays until the information runs dry, then moves to the back of the house, changes back into his leather gear and standard male form and decides to head back to Moraine’s Tears to see what’s happened, and to find any trace of the dwarf and the dragonborne. He does this careful of the guards wondering aimlessly in the woods.



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