Distraction at Herrington Head

Meanwhile back at teh farm

Retuning to Hilbert’s farm house our two would be heroes begin a closer examination of the area surrounding the smashed in walls of the nursery. Eventuality they isolate a set of goblin tracks heading into the woods. It appears some of them where carrying something that was quite heavy. As the trail weaved between the trees, Thorn Thros-Gare found a strange substance. It appeared to be a large pile of some foul, and possibly caustic substance.
” That is not of magical origin” stated Zaci after close examination ” in fact I have no idea what that is”
“hrmmm….” grumbled Thron and he gave the pile a kick with his boot “I think ts a big pile of goblin spit, and bile lots of bile”
Zaci shot the dwarf a crooked glance “How do you know that?”
“Trust me” Smirked Thron and then he led the pair of them deeper into the woods.

Arriving at a sheer chalk face in the hillside they arrived at a opening into the earth. Tracks leading into and from the opening gave Thron a clear indication that they had found there destination.



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