Ruune Yaru

The ever eccentric shaman, and his female fox spirit companion. Trouble and mischiff is never far away.


Ruune & Jin


Ruune Yaru hails from [[StarsReach Gultch]]. Home to many who call nature their home. His villiage is sanctuary to all who walk natures path. His parrents, both Wardens noticed Rune had begun seeing spirits at a very young age. Though Warden’s walk natures path, they communicate with it very diffrently. Taken to his aunt, part of the circle of shaman in his village trained him in the shamanistic ways. His parrents care for him a great deal, but as with most shamans they suffer a social blow. Where the only ones that can truley understand them are other shaman.

All shaman of his village have a very specific spirit companion bestowed upon them when the circle has deemd them ready. The spirit companion is chosen from the spirits them selves, and handed down from the Circle to the young shaman. The purpose of this specific spirit is to challange the shaman, and lead him on his “proving”. Once the shaman aquires his Spirit Companion, he leaves the village and the Gultch, following the companion. The companion speaks verbaly, and in signs it’s very esoteric. There is a greater purpose, unbenounced to the shaman that only the spirit knows. Once the shaman masters himself and his “proving” he can call upon other spirits. Untill then, he is bound to his handed down from his Circle.

His spirit companion is a vivid yet transparent orange female fox named Jin. Jin could be considered mischevious, Ruune respects her and follows her lead and consult. Jin has taken Ruune from his Gulch and gotten him in many sticky situations on the count of her rogue nature, and sly tricks. Jin can choose to hide herself when she chooses to go back to the spirit world. Often leaving Ruune to clean up the situation, this being very difficult for him. Ruune has visited 2 smaller towns thusfar, they opperate completely different than his village.

Having such an understanding of the spirits and the spirit world rune holds little compassion for the dying or sick. He knows where they will end up, and how it is part of the earth it’s self. Being a Shifter he is quiet primal and very perceptive to other peoples intent. Getting guidance from his spirits helping him along in this way. Ruune was of little humility, but since his “Proving” with Jin, she has seen to it to lighten him up. He laughs from time to time from Jins jokes or slights she would make about the people in these towns. He’s learning to become more weary of them as his time with them grows more and more.

Ruune speaks with a pause, as if he’s distracted. Like most shaman, spirits are ever present it’s a gift and a curse. Often times socially, others would consider him awkward, making mannerisms and partial sentences to what seems to be thin air. He stands about as tall as the average shifter and doesn’t look threatening. Though, since he is “out of touch” often peg him as out of place. His fur is a very dark Grey, sporting deep set brown eyes and canines that touch the bottom of his lip. He has no facial hair, and the hair on top of his head is pulled back into a pony tail, tied up with a bone and some string. His armor leather is tattered, many relics and charms adorn his arms, neck and totem. Most of them bone, tied together with string and wood. He is very eccentric.

Ruune Yaru

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