Distraction at Herrington Head

Morning at Moraine's Tears

( The following is from messages passed between daviswilder and myself, enrolling Ruune Yaru Into the plot)

Ruune Yaru
Lead through his trusty companion Jin, Ruune stumbles upon this village out of the forest. In front of him, looks to be a tavern. Jin leads the way, although there seems to be some commotion going on, Ruune follows his spirit companion not paying attention to his surroundings.

Jin walks straight through the door as if it was not there, Ruune walks right into the door hitting his head. He then opens the door to see Jin in the spirit world letting out a deep sigh.
There seems to be a human sitting at the bar, not paying much attention. jin hops on top of the bar (still transparent) The wood carvings catch Ruunes eye, he shuffles over and inspects them without regard. picking them up and looking. He then shuffles over to the bar, takes a seat and leans towards the human and lets out a very loud awkward HELLO.
The young man looks up, a bored look in his eye untill they strech to encompass the strange beeing before him.
" Oh gods!!" he squeaks, turns and runs into the back room yelling " Hilbert I think they are attack the inn. Jin gives you his mischievous foxy grin and follows the distressed human, meanwhile the foot steps return front he back room. A new human has emerged older and wiser in the world he looks at you and says to young human cowering " Fadren you ever see a damn goblin that tall?" The younger human deflates and calms, but the older ma known as Hilbert seems to be carrying a great burden. From between his legs Jin returns beckoning you urgently into the storeroom.
Ruune Yaru
Ruune sees Jin beckoning him and takes a deep long look at the grey haired human.
“Insight check, (3+9 =12)*
Ruune notices the human is being genuine. He then walks toward the human not paying much attention to him, not saying a word and slinking by him to the back room. Fadren opens his mouth as if to detest and Hilbert hushes him before he can get a word out.

Jin is standing over the what seems to be a large dark female bleeding on the floor.
Perception Check 7+9=16**
Ruune notices a Holy Symbol next to the bleeding woman.
He looks to the older human and says “you are a god healer?”
Hilbert speaks, " i used to be, long ago. i’m afraid i am not as powerful as i once was."
Jin jumps in the air and circles the body of this large woman, beckoning ruune for aid. He crouches over her puts his hand on her head and caresses his ornate bone necklace, chanting quietly. (using his Speak with spirits power 4 on checks)
A light spirit appears behind Ruune only he can see. It looks to be half goat half human that only Ruune can see. She leans down and puts her hand on her head along side his and begins chanting.
**heal check 2

Your mind loses all peripheral thoughts as you assess the injured woman. Your training in the healing arts augmented by the whispers of the spirits weave a tapestry of pain and injury that you are finding difficult to unravel. Like you this woman is of nature’s children, her spirit glows with the hidden charms of Moraines graces. She is a Goliath and the axe wounds and snapped crossbow bolts would of caused her little injury, but there is another vector here. Even now a sticky caustic substance that eats at her flesh. Floating over all of this in the ethereal is a conversation, a angry almost forgotten god of the earth confronting the faithless cleric, she is Moraine, old mother earth, and she requires umbrage in return for restoration and health. She now feels your presence, and turns her eye; You gather you skills may be unwanted in this home.
(Diplomacy check; can be assisted by a DC 20 Insight check)
Ruune Yaru
Mystified from the corrosive substance claiming the Goliath, he turns his attention to the argument that ensues.
As the spirit of Moraine focuses on a confused Ruune..
Insight check 15+9=24

  • Diplomacy Check 7 -1 +2 =8**
    He can tell the spirit seems very vengeful, and sincere, so much so that Jin herself is still and quiet. Rune attempts to find words to speak to this spirit or god, he moves his mouth but nothing comes out before the spirit interrupts.
    “These were being sewn long before you arrived, shaman”

In quiet the hurry Ruune exits the room in a timely but flustered fashion.
As he leaves the room it dawns on him that he had forgot Jin. He shuffles back in to see Jin staring at the conversation still ensuing. He clicks his tongue to the bottom of his mouth two times, Jin snaps out of her daze and starts to exit the room. The spirit looks directly at Ruune, “Good luck on your Proving, shaman. You will need it if she is your companion. I do not know why the spirits chose her for you, pity… Goodbye, Jin”

Jin exits the door to the Pub/inn, Ruune this time walks to the door and a look of surprise strikes his face it seems he has remembered to open the door before walking into it. Both Shaman and spirit are out side of the pub, staring into
the open night. They walk across the road into field, Ruune forages and builds a fire to last the eve. They both settle down to sleep, but they still haven’t said much more than a word to each other. Both of them attempting to understand what exactly the spirit meant.
As you drift off to sleep you almost immediately fall into the dreaming. You find yourself running through a field, on all fours. You search, sniffing from place to place trying to find a good thing to eat. Above you the sky seems darkened and threatening; you do not wish to stay in this field. Around a small hedge you find the opening to a abandoned fox’s den, and you descend into the darkness of the earth, (at this you almost wake, but Jin hums into your ear “you must watch”) the den is deeper and longer than any you have known, but still your press inwards, trying to put more earth between you and the sky. You are moving quickly through the tunnels, when the earth gives way. Tumbling you find your self in a large circular room. This room has many different points of entry and exit along the sides. In the middle is a shrine, it is a crude statue of a pregnant woman, in her arms is a bundle of wheat; a sickle lies at her side. She has no head, the sculptor didn’t even appear to attempt one, the torso ends at the top with a neck. From inside the shrine you begin to hear a sobbing, you press closer and the sobbing becomes a wailing. This frightens you and you begin to panic, turning to look for an exit, the wailing becomes a scream. You run towards the nearest tunnel
A voice slams into your mind “They are returning, and you can do nothing, I can do nothing, I am no longer despaired”
From the tunnel in front of you comes a rushing noise, and you find yourself engulfed in a wall of blood. Your are carried, tumbling, through the tunnels, until you spill out into a river. The river flows with such force that you cast out far, far to sea. You float staring at the sky. Constellations you know shift, and disappear, new stars now dazzle your eyes. Suddenly you find yourself washed up on a strange shore. A new day’s sun emerges. You gaze up towards to the sun to see a large lizard perched upon a humongous stone building, its neck, which is very long, cranes towards you. Feathers surround its head and its eyes are cold and hungry upon you. It roars and lightning streaks from the corners of its mouth.
You sit up awake, it is still dark, and the fire is now but embers. You can smell that the sun will soon rise. Jin weaves its self between your legs.
“She is quite mad, we cannot let her stop us from helping” he gestures with his muzzle back towards the village.
You quickly gather yourself. Take a moment’s mediation and then stride into Herrington Head with speed and purpose. You rush through the inn, no one is in the main room, your path to the back room is clear. Entering you find Hilbert in the same pose as before, his prayers a mere muttering between old tears. The Goliath lies before you, the last moments of life fleeting, above her you can see the vengeful shard of Moraine, It rages at you’re your renewed efforts. Ignoring her you place your hands upon the woman, and begin a healing chant.
(Roll for initiative)

Entrance to King's Lair

Stomping through the underbrush, the trail lit only by the green flame emitted by Zaci’s blade the Adventures followed the trail up into the lowlands of The Shard Hills where they found the goblins footprints descended into a opening in a chalk cliff face.
“Age before beauty” said Zaci gesturing to the aperture with his head
Thron descended the stairwell into a small entry chamber. The construction of the goblin warren was quite striking in its well crafted halls. Next to the stairs laid a large throne chair, with poles run through to either end. This chair was covered in the same goblin goo as they had found outside the farm. In front of them flanking a hallway stood two well crafted statues on plinths. They where identical and face towards each other. The statues where of a huge fat goblin, crown on his head, sceptre in one hand, and a huge leg of “mutton” in the other raised towards his mouth. Thron eyed the craftsmanship, and noticed that the arm of the statue to the north was built to swivel up and down. Thron Moved the arm into the downward position, and a nearly inaudible “thunk” came from further down the hall.
Zaci gave Thron a hard stare “well either I have armed a trap , or disarmed it” Shrugged Thron
pressing further down the hall the pair discovered a door , with a peephole at the other end. They approached it silently, listening closely they thought they could here creatures moving in the room beyond. Zaci attempted to crack the door open for a peek, but Thron backing down the corridor bumped the dragonborn and he spilled into the room door ajar.
A crossbow bolt immediately greeted the dragonborn fired by a goblin trying to take cover behind a overturned crate. Thron pushed past and charged the goblin, landing a mighty blow. Only to be struck from behind by another goblin who was waiting in the corner. Zaci moved forward to assist, narrowly dodging an attack from a third goblin leaping from the shadows of the room. The crossbow wielding goblin was soon cut down, but Thron, and Zaci in particular where being assaulted in return by the other two goblins. Suddenly a crossbow bolt stuck Zaci from the direction of the hallway they had come down. Zaci crumpled to floor the bolt protruding from his back. Dodging the attacks of his foes Thron powered the last of the healing potions down the reptilian maw of Zaci. The medicinal potion gave Zaci a resurgence of strength, and together they cut down the crazy Axe wielding goblin.
The last goblin realising he as in a bad position fled to the door to the North west, and slammed it shut. Likewise the unseen assailant from the east hallway closed and locked that doorway.
“ Looks like they want to contain us here “ gasp Zaci as he slumped to the floor trying to regain his breath. Thron only nodded grimly eyeing the passage the unexplored passage to the south.

Latter that evening at Moraine's Tears Part 2

Dorin remains concealed but approaches as safely as possible to hear what might be said inside. Perhaps to the side of the building by a window.
Ok I need a Stealth check followed by a perception check :)
Okay…. Perc. roll 8 – 1mod = 7. Stealth roll 13 + 10mod = 23. (It doesn’t appear that I can hear very well. I’d like to remain concealed and move to get a better view inside the doorway to see if I can sneak past the guards and remain hidden inside.)
Ok while you are unable to hear what is being said in the home, nor how many people are in there you are quite comfortably behind a hedge just off of the door now, the guards continue their placed stare
( suggestions : a bluff check to create some kind of vocal diversion, a nature check the create a physical diversion { just shaking the bush boss] (Acrobatics check+stealth check to maneuver into the home like a ninja, the guards unaware. please feel free to write up a interesting scenario for your action before you roll :)
-ooc. This is fun shit Acog! Thanks for sharing.

Unable to hear or or get a view of what is happening inside the house, Dorin decides to make a bold move. He retreats quietly to the rear of the house and changes into his set of cloth clothing and shapeshifting into the form of a comely blonde female. He adjusts the clothing to accentuate the features of the female form; hides all of his weapons and gear, then quietly maneuvers out and away from the house toward a tree in the front. Making sure that he is just in sight of the guards, he yelps a squeal (female voice) then yells, “Help me” and disappears into the woods. (Roll bluff check 11 + 10mod = 21) Dorin then quickly doubles back toward the front of the house seeking a concealment to enter the house in stealth. (Roll stealth check 7+10mod = 17.) Dorin then finds concealment inside the house, waits and listens.
Your plan works flawlessly, and the guards from the front pull of station to your aid…or maybe determent judging by the smirks on their face. Darting into the woods you carefully allow a strand or two of you clothing to rip off on some bushes and a tree, and then double back as the guards forge into the woods. As you double back you notice that the NE wall of the farm house has been smashed out, two more guards are clambering over the rubble to join the others , inside you can just make out two men in a discussion, so intense that they hardly noticed the guards change of station. you shift in along the remains of the wall to get a better look, and to possibly hear whats going on. (perception roll)

Perc. check 20(!!) -1mod = 19.
Dorin listens intently and peers over the broken wall taking in as much as he can while concealed.
lol critical perception, you hear the secret conversations of ants in the grass, the crow of a um…..crow a mile away, just kidding *serious gm face activated

The two men can be seen in a room beyond the smashed nursery through a open door. They can be easily recognized for what they are a Nobleman, probably the local lord reagent, and a captain of the guard type. They seem to be in a very heated conversation.

“But, sire they broke the pact first, we require no diplomacy, this farm is under the protection of the pact, and the four have violated it.” pleads the Guard captain

“Well its on the edge, but even if it wasn’t I am not prepared to risk warfare with the four, over a fat baby. the pact must hold, we do not have enough troops to defend the keep much less the town!!” the Nobleman retorts, almost wining as he continues ” Now about these ””Adventures”” who are they, and can we stop them.”

“I know that the Dragonborn who has been hanging around the village as of late is out there with a Dwarf, and that is all; as for stopping them, we cannot, they left here at least prior to midnight maybe even earlier, and in a unknown direction. ”
*Dorin stays until the information runs dry, then moves to the back of the house, changes back into his leather gear and standard male form and decides to head back to Moraine’s Tears to see what’s happened, and to find any trace of the dwarf and the dragonborne. He does this careful of the guards wondering aimlessly in the woods.

Latter that evening at Moraine's Tears
Part 1

(The Following is a transcript of events enrolling Dorin into the plotline)

Late in the afternoon, a young (human, 25) man with reasonably cropped brown hair, and clothes befitting a merchant class citizen walks into Moraines Tears. It seams as if some sort of event has just happened. The few who are in the inn are buzzing in conversation. There is no sign of the innkeeper for the moment, so the young man takes a seat near the end of the bar and waits.
your ears strain to catch the details of the excitement (streetwise or perception check)
streetwise check to see what’s going on would be roll 11+8 mod = 19. I know what’s going down baby! It takes an hour. Do I see the innkeeper? If yes, then I say the following.” Pardon me sir. I couldn’t help but notice that your family is in peril. I have been protecting caravans from town to town and happen to be free of retainer. I have particular skills that may be of assistance. For a small fee, I would be happy to aid you with your dilemma.
Hilbert is not in view at this time, manning the bar is a disgruntled and seeming uninvolved youth ( late teens early twenties) calling himself Fadren. yes you know that the baby has been taken, and that two “adventures” had set forth just before night fell to check on the farm. Once there they found a ransom note that they have forwarded to Hilbert. The two adventures ( a unknown dwarf , and a dragonborne named Zaci.) had returned to the farm to look for a trail to follow. Hilberts wife a Goliath is in grave condition in the back being tended to by her husband. Although Hilbert was once a cleric you gather from the towns people that he has since loss his faith in his attentive god.
Dorin, being a follower of the Raven Queen cares little for the wounded woman, but sees an opportunity for work. His ethos presents him with an impetus to get involved when someone gets too big for their britches. Dorin says firmly, “Fadren. Tell me where the farm is, Hilbert wants me to help.” Bluff check vs. Fadren d20- 17 + 10 mod = 27.

Dorin would then change from cloth clothing into his leather armor, get his weapons and head out quickly but cautiously. He knows that the dwarf and Zaci won’t know he’s there to help, and would have the intent of arriving in stealth mode.
You don your “work” outfit and step out into the night. You travel at a quick trot and arrive at the Banyard farm. The barn that once stood just off of the farm house to the north has been reduced to a large pile of charcoal. To the south of it by the cart path you find the smoldering remnants of a second smaller fire. Amongst the embers are the charred bones of several animals. Ahead of you down the cart path lays the farmhouse, its front door still smashed to splitters. Standing to either side of the door are two very official looking guards in chain mail and metal helms, both of which are wielding spears and torches. They have the impassive stare of guards at ease. From inside you can just make the muffled murmur of a conversation. You are currently undetected by the guards. What would you like to do?

Meanwhile back at teh farm

Retuning to Hilbert’s farm house our two would be heroes begin a closer examination of the area surrounding the smashed in walls of the nursery. Eventuality they isolate a set of goblin tracks heading into the woods. It appears some of them where carrying something that was quite heavy. As the trail weaved between the trees, Thorn Thros-Gare found a strange substance. It appeared to be a large pile of some foul, and possibly caustic substance.
” That is not of magical origin” stated Zaci after close examination ” in fact I have no idea what that is”
“hrmmm….” grumbled Thron and he gave the pile a kick with his boot “I think ts a big pile of goblin spit, and bile lots of bile”
Zaci shot the dwarf a crooked glance “How do you know that?”
“Trust me” Smirked Thron and then he led the pair of them deeper into the woods.

Arriving at a sheer chalk face in the hillside they arrived at a opening into the earth. Tracks leading into and from the opening gave Thron a clear indication that they had found there destination.

The Banyard Farm

The sun sets as our do-gooders approach the Banyard Compound. The front of the home is illuminated completely by the burning barn adjacent to it . Further evidence of violence is indicated by the slain animals in their pens, and the smashed in front door of the home. As Zaci approaches the door, Thorn scouts the perimeter. Neither sight nor sound of the living; beyond the doors zaci cannot observe much of the interior of the home, so he lights a torch, and together they slowly scout the homestead. A search of the kitchen and sitting room find evidence of life interrupted. A spot of blood here, a streak there. Entering the Banyard bedroom they find a note next upon a desk, its candle lit. The note is scrawled in the crudest of common and reads “Give me ur Monai or I eat ur Baby” and is signed by a King Gobulous. Bellow that is printed instructions for a ransom delivery. As Thorn tucks the note away; the two adventures become aware of a snarling, and ripping noises coming from the next room.

worg fight

Opening the door revealed what must of been a nursery, until someone smashed some of the walls in. Amongst the crib, baby clothes and rubble lay a corpse of a young woman being feasted upon by a pair of young dire wolves. Zaci andThorn Seem to drive the wolves off , gravely injuring one of them, but as they try to move the corpse back into the secure portions of the farm house , the wolves renew their assault joined by a third. As the melee came to a crescendo; claw and tooth fell to the spell and steel. Binding their wounds a quaffing potions Thorn places the corpse in the cold kitchen as Zaci greets a oncoming rush of locals attempting to get control of the barn fire. After updating the crowd the adventures carry the letter back to Moraine’s Tears .

An abbrupt encounter
The story begins.

After some initial technical hurdles the game got off to a rawring, albeit traditional start. Picture if you will a Inn, a Inn in the small farming community of Harrington Head, and in this Inn is a dwarf cry’s ” Barkeep more beer”, to which the the proprietor of the inn “Moraine’s Tears” Repeatedly responds ” My name isHilbert!!!” and gives the curt dwarf his next round. Into this walks Zaci A Dragonborn Swordmage, um…...expanding his heat dissipating membranes ( how do dragonborune sweat lol) after a training session outside of town. The Dwarf and Dragon Man exchange hard stares. Not to be one to run from a fight Zaci grabs a beer for himself , as well as the dwarfs 13th pint and slams it on the table in front of the Dwarf.

“Who are you?” asks Zaci.

Thorn Thros-Gare .... who are you” quips the Dwarf The “civilities” continue until they are Interrupted by a hugely tall Dark skinned woman stumbles into Moraines Tears covered in blood.

“the farm” is all that passes her lips, and she falls crumpling to the ground, caught just in time by Zaci.

Hilbert Flies over the bar and begins treating the fallen woman. As the two outsiders watch the ongoing scene, a realization strikes Zaci, he has seen the woman before In the Inn beside the bar is a large set of woodcarvings and paintings. All of them but one feature Hilbert holding a enormous baby. The remaining picture is of the woman sprawled on the floor in front of them.

“Hilbert you must get to the farm” states Zaci

“No, there is not time, I know I don’t know you well, but you can handle what has attacked my home, take the damn dwarf with you” commands Hilbert as he begins to begins a healing prayer on his fallen wife.

Zaci and Thorn exchange glances. “s’all right with me” shrugs Thorn “As long as i get to hit something”

Zaci ever full of the daring-do charges out of the building, only to be called back by Hilbert and instructed to gather some healing potions from under the bar. Properly equipped, our two adventures strike out twords the smoke rising from the north.

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