Distraction at Herrington Head

An abbrupt encounter

The story begins.

After some initial technical hurdles the game got off to a rawring, albeit traditional start. Picture if you will a Inn, a Inn in the small farming community of Harrington Head, and in this Inn is a dwarf cry’s ” Barkeep more beer”, to which the the proprietor of the inn “Moraine’s Tears” Repeatedly responds ” My name isHilbert!!!” and gives the curt dwarf his next round. Into this walks Zaci A Dragonborn Swordmage, um…...expanding his heat dissipating membranes ( how do dragonborune sweat lol) after a training session outside of town. The Dwarf and Dragon Man exchange hard stares. Not to be one to run from a fight Zaci grabs a beer for himself , as well as the dwarfs 13th pint and slams it on the table in front of the Dwarf.

“Who are you?” asks Zaci.

Thorn Thros-Gare .... who are you” quips the Dwarf The “civilities” continue until they are Interrupted by a hugely tall Dark skinned woman stumbles into Moraines Tears covered in blood.

“the farm” is all that passes her lips, and she falls crumpling to the ground, caught just in time by Zaci.

Hilbert Flies over the bar and begins treating the fallen woman. As the two outsiders watch the ongoing scene, a realization strikes Zaci, he has seen the woman before In the Inn beside the bar is a large set of woodcarvings and paintings. All of them but one feature Hilbert holding a enormous baby. The remaining picture is of the woman sprawled on the floor in front of them.

“Hilbert you must get to the farm” states Zaci

“No, there is not time, I know I don’t know you well, but you can handle what has attacked my home, take the damn dwarf with you” commands Hilbert as he begins to begins a healing prayer on his fallen wife.

Zaci and Thorn exchange glances. “s’all right with me” shrugs Thorn “As long as i get to hit something”

Zaci ever full of the daring-do charges out of the building, only to be called back by Hilbert and instructed to gather some healing potions from under the bar. Properly equipped, our two adventures strike out twords the smoke rising from the north.



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