Distraction at Herrington Head

The Banyard Farm

The sun sets as our do-gooders approach the Banyard Compound. The front of the home is illuminated completely by the burning barn adjacent to it . Further evidence of violence is indicated by the slain animals in their pens, and the smashed in front door of the home. As Zaci approaches the door, Thorn scouts the perimeter. Neither sight nor sound of the living; beyond the doors zaci cannot observe much of the interior of the home, so he lights a torch, and together they slowly scout the homestead. A search of the kitchen and sitting room find evidence of life interrupted. A spot of blood here, a streak there. Entering the Banyard bedroom they find a note next upon a desk, its candle lit. The note is scrawled in the crudest of common and reads “Give me ur Monai or I eat ur Baby” and is signed by a King Gobulous. Bellow that is printed instructions for a ransom delivery. As Thorn tucks the note away; the two adventures become aware of a snarling, and ripping noises coming from the next room.

worg fight

Opening the door revealed what must of been a nursery, until someone smashed some of the walls in. Amongst the crib, baby clothes and rubble lay a corpse of a young woman being feasted upon by a pair of young dire wolves. Zaci andThorn Seem to drive the wolves off , gravely injuring one of them, but as they try to move the corpse back into the secure portions of the farm house , the wolves renew their assault joined by a third. As the melee came to a crescendo; claw and tooth fell to the spell and steel. Binding their wounds a quaffing potions Thorn places the corpse in the cold kitchen as Zaci greets a oncoming rush of locals attempting to get control of the barn fire. After updating the crowd the adventures carry the letter back to Moraine’s Tears .



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